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The Book of Nehemiah Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Book of Nehemiah - Research Paper Example The setting for the book of Nehemiah is originally the court of the king in Persia. The people of Israel are still captive in Babylon. Some individuals have returned to Jerusalem with the King’s blessing to rebuild the temple. But nothing has been done to the city walls, gates and other defensive structures. Nehemiah is granted permission to travel to Jerusalem to rebuild the defenses of Jerusalem while the work on the temple continues. In Jerusalem, there is an assortment of Jews that remained behind from the initial captivity, enemies such as Amorites and Arabs, and other Jews working on the temple. Many of the Jews in Persia still had dreams of returning home while others were becoming acculturated. All of this was happening at some time between 450 BC and 400 BC. The Book of Nehemiah follows a narrative for much of the length. It was written as a history of the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem and as a witness of God’s reward for diligent effort. The book begins with Nehemiah receiving word that the construction of the temple was going as planned but was dangerous because there were no walls to protect the workers and the inhabitants of the city. This troubles Nehemiah to such a degree that King Artexerxes can tell that something is troubling Nehemiah, his steward. Nehemiah courageously tell the king what is on his mind. The king grants Nehemiah permission to rebuild the walls and provides tools, equipment and food. Nehemiah arrives and finds much of the city in ruins. Great breaches have been knocked in the walls, many gates and towers are burned and streets are impassable. Nehemiah announces his plans and immediately become an object of scorn and contempt. Sanballat the Horonite, Tobiah the Ammonite and Gehsem the Arab were his main detractors. They said the work could never be completed. Work does begin on the walls and progresses at a very rapid pace. The enemies of Israel are amazed. They begin to issue threats against the effort to r ebuild the walls. Nehemiah records that the work continued, that half of the people stood guard while the other half worked on the construction. These threats were just one of the challenges Nehemiah needed to overcome during the reconstruction of the walls of Jerusalem. Soon, a division among the local Jews arises. Many families are concerned that they need to support the workers on the walls and that the construction is taking away sons and daughters that are needed in the fields to grow crops. They threaten to stop giving to support the work of the walls and to withhold their labor. Nehemiah convinces them that this is not the right course of action. He encourages them to first of all, forgive the debts that exist within the community. That way no one needs to fear for losing his or her land. Once the locals agree to do this, they also see the wisdom in completing the walls. They continue to sacrifice to keep constructing the walls. With the construction of the walls complete, Ne hemiah makes lists of the families living in the town surrounding Jerusalem. He takes a census according to town and family, making special note of any Levites that can officiate in the temple. In the middle of the book, Ezra takes over, the narrative stops and there is a long account of how the people of Israel are taught from the books of Moses and reestablish temple worship once again in Jerusalem.

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Research Paper Unemployment Topics - Looks For A Research Paper Job?

Research Paper Unemployment Topics - Looks For A Research Paper Job?When it comes to looking for a job with research paper jobs there are a number of research paper topics available for you to consider. There are very few jobs that offer the type of compensation you would get from a PhD program and most jobs do not even require that you be a Ph.D. There are some research paper employment opportunities that only require you to have a Bachelor's degree, however there are also a few research paper employment opportunities that require a Master's degree or a Ph.D.The majority of positions that pay well in the PhD field will only require that you submit a dissertation or research paper. However there are some academic positions that do not require a dissertation, but they still require the skills and qualifications that a doctoral candidate brings to the table. This is where academic employment agencies come into play.Academic careers will have a number of different types of positions ava ilable depending on where they are located. These academic jobs are typically permanent in nature. However there are some academic positions that are for a fixed period of time only and will not be permanent in nature. Most academic positions are found in Universities and Research Centres.Academic jobs in the academic world require you to have an opportunity to teach a class at a University or Centre. Many of these positions are associated with one or more departments. In some cases you might also be expected to teach a course that has a major impact on your field of expertise.The majority of research papers are submitted either by visiting libraries or submitting online. However there are some universities that offer both online submission and in person submission. You can find research paper employment opportunities in the physical university. The number of research paper employment opportunities in the physical university has dropped in recent years as a result of the development of computer-based technologies.Academic careers are also becoming a little more specialized. These academic positions are becoming highly specialised in some areas. The majority of academic positions now require that you complete a number of related research projects within a specified period of time. Some research papers are now required to be based on the topics of a particular PhD dissertation.When it comes to searching for research paper employment there are a number of research paper unemployment topics that you can choose from. Some of these research paper topics are related to what is being offered in the PhD field. These jobs will have an advantage over jobs in the PhD field due to the fact that they provide you with a career-long income. It also helps to take some time to look at the qualifications that are necessary for the position before you apply.

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Whatever They Told You About Ideas for Behavior Research Paper Topics Is Dead Wrong...And Heres Why

Whatever They Told You About Ideas for Behavior Research Paper Topics Is Dead Wrong...And Here's Why The distinction is that empirical papers should have plenty of details on research, experiments and provable facts linked to the paper. Below are the three most important aspects to consider to guarantee you select the ideal research paper topics. The objective of research paper in this subject is to cover current public problems, reveal important aspects of various issues, and, if at all possible, offer optimal solutions. Research papers are trying, but in addition they have the capability to be somewhat rewarding. If you still feel you need help, even if you've managed to select a topic, you may always employ a custom writing service to assist you produce a fabulous research paper of which you'll be proud and will guarantee you a nice mark. Actually, professional journals are an excellent place to source content for your critique paper. When you get the prompt, attempt to c orrect the academic format with the support of numerous free online writing guides. This video guides you through the procedure for selecting a topic. Choosing Good Ideas for Behavior Research Paper Topics The very first consideration for selecting a dissertation topic is your private interest. Once you've got a concept of what you wish to write about, be certain that your topic is neither broad nor narrow. These stresses can decrease morale in your organization and might foster vital feelings of dissatisfaction. Go over the function of the WTO in freeing the world trade during the past ten years. Why Almost Everything You've Learned About Ideas for Behavior Research Paper Topics Is Wrong After you have that narrowed down, you can concentrate your research and compose a remarkable paper. A paper is always simpler to write if you're interested in the subject, and you'll be more motivated to do in-depth research and compose a paper that truly covers the whole subject. So, you 've realized that you're prepared to compose your research paper. Composing such a paper isn't such a draconic task as you might think. As soon as you have finished the proposal, you'll have to present it to your thesis committee before actually beginning the undertaking. It isn't easy to select a good topic for your dissertation undertaking. Before you commence writing a single word of your paper, you first will need to understand what your thesis will be. The title of your assignment automatically determines the research you are going to have to do to be able to be in a position to compose the paper. The Ultimate Ideas for Behavior Research Paper Topics Trick Other instances, like in an abnormal psychology program, might require that you compose your paper on a particular subject like a psychological disorder. Frequently, the very first sexual experiences, the most intense experiences and the newest experiences have the most effect on subsequent behavior. There are several research paper topics as soon as it comes to psychological disorders you may choose from. After answering these questions you're all set to narrowing the extensive topic of human behaviour to a single subject. Ideas for Behavior Research Paper Topics Options Now you have a great idea of the way to hunt for college research paper topics, you are prepared for some suggestions. If you've ever had to compose a paper for one of your psychology classes, then you likely know that choosing psychology paper topics can at times be tricky. For instance, you might start with deciding that you wish to compose your paper on a topic within a particular branch of psychology. Psychology research paper is a typical assignment and source of several sleepless nights at college. Now you have an overall concept, you drill down further and decide to investigate and write your paper on how prejudice forms and strategies to minimize it. It means these individuals vividly observe the huge picture and know which aspects of it need to get emphasized. Generations How four distinct generations at work can do the job together. They've been organized into ten categories and cover a wide selection of subjects so you may easily locate the ideal topic for you. If you're confused with a selection of interesting topics to research on the web, it's far better to choose what interests you the most. Psychology is such a wide subject, so you wish to locate a topic that permits you to adequately cover the subject without becoming overwhelmed with information. If you must write only 1 paper at the conclusion of the period, you can breathe out since you are blessed. Yes, it's challenging to steer clear of sensitive or provoking ideas when it has to do with selecting a topic for this sort of paper. When you've chosen an overall region, you can then narrow your paper topic down to something a whole lot more specific and manageable. Even if a particular research paper topic is getting a great deal of buzz at this time or other folks seem interested in writing about it, don't feel tempted to make it your topic if you don't genuinely have some kind of interest in it also.

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Reported News on Market Research Paper Discovered

Reported News on Market Research Paper Discovered Europe is among the more important leaders in the world delivery industry. Look to market trends as a means to get in front of the sector, to know where it's going before it gets there. Market scientists have devised lots of tactics to find out more about how shoppers shop. It provides important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition. It may be conducted by the company itself or by a third-party company that specializes in the market research field. It aims to understand the reasons consumers will buy your product. The Ugly Side of Market Research Paper First thing to do is to see whether there is a business association for the business. The automotive industry is one of the fastest growing industries across the planet. Marketing research may give a business an image of what types of new merchandise and services may bring a profit. What used to be called the advertising research is currently often referred to as consumer insights. Market Research Paper at a Glance A research paper aids the automobile industry understand what risks they're very likely to face in the forseeable future. Equitymaster Fact sheets help you analyse performance of organizations on several parameters over long amounts of time. The overwhelming majority of scientific reports can be divided up into the next constituent parts. American consumers utilize financial services from a vast array of sources. Definitions of Market Research Paper Remember that research and writing may be tricky pursuit in which you might lose or adjust the meaning of words and ideas as you seek research paper suggestions for your college research paper. It is possible to also reach out to a writing center or private tutor. Your pick of research instrument will be contingent on the essence of the data you're attempting to collect. To begin with, you should brainstorm what type of marketing research papers interest you. The advertising research paper help experts we've got in team can help you in writing the very best research paper and guiding with it essentially. You can boost your research paper assignment writings by employing a professional writer who can assist you with any sort of academic writing at a reasonable price. First of all, the advertising student must produce own notion, concept or application to allow them come up with an advertising thesis that is to be accomplished in the class of the paper writing body. The Dirty Truth About Market Research Paper Fast food is a significant example as it is actually a very simple business enterprise. For many small business owners, the very best strategy is to begin with secondary research. Buying Patterns The big reason behind the customers to return to a particular coffee bar is a wonderful tasting coffee, speedy service and pleasant atmosphere. For instance, a focus group would be asked specific questions which you help design so the info is quite targeted to your requirements. If you're still struggling, attempt to use our sample topics list for a source of your inspiration. You have to select the specific topic in the required area. By understanding the company problem clearly, you are going to be in a position to continue to keep your research focused and effective. Defining survey research objectives at the beginning of your survey project program can act as a guide throughout the whole research procedure, making certain that the perfect questions are asked to the correct target audience, and making sure that your customers and stakeholders are content with the overall outcomes of the survey, and furthermore, the accuracy and validity of the data you provide. Writing about something you really wish to makes the work much simpler. You've never considered that you may have to write research papers as an area of the strategy. Thus you can bring us any of your academic writing problem and the specialists we've got in our team will assist you in a limited time. What Needs to be Done About Market Research Paper Before You Miss Your Chance To release all of your strain and outshine in your educational career you want to get assistance from a specialist writer. Everyone can look in annual reports. Research reports are a dependable resource for su ch details. Begin with our most well-known screens... Equitymaster's sector research reports are simple and simple to comprehend. You are able to also study your own sales records to collect primary research. Main information is the data that the business has collected directly or that's been collected by means of an individual or business hired to conduct the research. Specific main research routinely involves interviews and is quite precise. Throughout any industry research study, it's vital proper documentation occurs.

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Investigating electric potential Essay Example for Free

Investigating electric potential Essay A graph of V against 1/d gives a straight line with positive slope from x=0. 05m. It shows that the electric potential measured by the probe is inversely proportional to the distance of the probe from the surface of the sphere. Discussion:   A voltmeter or a CRO cannot be used to measure the electric potential at a point in the air because both instruments draw a small current to produce a deflection and this will disturb the electric field.   With no flame, the probe may acquire an induced charge and thus affect the field around it, altering the potential at the needle. Therefore, a flame probe is used. It produces positive and negative ions which discharge the needle so that the needle becomes uncharged due to neutralization. Since the needle is now neutralized, its potential is the same as the original potential. Sources of error: When measuring the distance of the probe from the centre of the sphere, a piece of string with a mass attached was dropped from the sphere for locating the zero mark of the meter ruler. This may not be accurate as the sting may not be vertically below the centre of the sphere   Precautions: 1. The wire which connects the needle and the electroscope cannot touch the bench or any other earthed conductor. This is to prevent charge leakage. 2. The charged sphere must be well away from the walls and the bench top as the induced charges on these objects will upset electric field. Conclusion:   Between two parallel plates: the electric potential remains constant at constant distance from the metal plates the electric potential is proportionally to the distance from the earthed plates   Around a charged sphere: the electric potential remains constant at constant distance from the centre of sphere the electric potential is inversely proportionally to the distance from the surface of sphere

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Existence Of Man :: essays research papers

Existence of Man For centuries man has grappled with the riddle of what it means to be a person. But the questions Who is man? and What is the meaning of life? are still unanswered. Yet, while man is still a long way from arriving at any acceptable definitions, there is deep within everyone the hint of an idea of what it means to be a whole person, that is happy, functioning and fulfilled. So, throughout history man has made a continuous search to find out what makes him whole. Every person is different so the special situation in which one person finds fulfillment can't work for everyone. But in the lives of those who have found fulfillment there is a universal pattern. The universal pattern is that those who have found fulfillment have had a willingness to accept change and take risks. Conversely, those who have not found wholeness are characterized by an unconquerable desire to be safe, to be out of danger and to avoid risk. The first step in the search for identity is to answer the question, How do you see yourself? In the play No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre Estelle loses sight of her identity. She says "When I can't see myself, I begin to wonder if I really and truly exist." What a man sees himself as in the mirror largely determines his actions during the day. Estelle had to look into the "mirror" of men to confirm her identity. A man is the number one determining factor in discovering who he is. Each individual must understand that he is responsible for his own pain, misery, unhappiness, or for his own joy. Man is not a product of what people have done or are now doing to us. Man has the power to become whatever he wants to be; to feel as much love or anger or joy as we want to feel. Another subsequent factor in determining our identity is the image, name, or label given to us by society. In other words, what we believe other people think of us. Most people participate in many groups friends, school, family, jobs, clubs, churches and more each contributing to our identity. We have to accept the death of the superman who is alone needing no one, inner directed and indifferent to his surroundings. We see in Dostoevsky's novel Crime and Punishment that when Raskolnkov separates himself from humanity by committing murder that he could not survive. A person needs to understand that they are responsible for their own choices but they cannot discount the fact that there

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New Forest Coastline

The New Forest coastline is situated between the Dorset border and the Southampton Water on the south-west coast of Britain. It is split into three main areas and is managed mainly by the New Forest District Council but also other councils. The three areas are, Christchurch Bay, Western Solent, and Southampton Water. There is a big issue that affects this coastline. The cliffs on the coast are slowly being eroded, and the low-lying areas need to be protected from coastal flooding. Natural landscapes and wildlife habitats need to be protected for people who want to work and visit the areas. This problem attracts a lot of interest from all the councils who try and decide what system and form of protection should be used. Physical Features & Human Land-use The coastline is lined with many landforms and the land surrounding the area is used by humans for various activities. Christchurch Bay between Highcliffe and Hurst Spit has very narrow shingle beaches on its coastline and is backed by cliffs that are up to 30m in height. These cliffs are mainly made of sand and clay and are subject to erosion and in some places the cliffs have retreated up to 60m over 25 years. Even built up areas are exposed to coastal flooding and occasionally experience mudflows and landslips. Hurst Spit itself is vulnerable to the erosion of the sea after having been breached over several years. The area is used mainly for settlement and many villages have been built up along the coast all of which are in danger of flooding and/or collapsing. The Western Solent between Hurst Spit and Calshot is slightly different to Christchurch Bay. This area is full of coastal marshes with a lot of wildlife and animal habitats. This area is low-lying and therefore there is a major risk of flooding, especially when there are high tides and heavy rain. There are also two river estuaries from the Lymington River and the Beaulieu River. This area is used for boat-building and repair but also for recreational sailing. Southampton Water is situated between the towns of Calshot and Redbridge. There are coast marshes and intertidal areas with a great nature and wildlife value. The area is at risk from water pollution caused by domestic sewage and industrial waste. This former river estuary has been now developed and is used for major industry including oil refining and there is also a power station. The rest of the area is used for housing. Why we Need a Coastal Management System There is a big need for a coastal management system. Human activity has influenced the area because the scenery and recreational activities and potential attract many visitors and holiday-makers. Many other people emigrate there because it provides an attractive environment to live, work and retire. The coastline brings in more money for the locals in the form of â€Å"foreigners† and therefore without the coastline many people would have no source of income. However, human activity provides a certain amount of pressure which threatens to change the coastline and its natural ecological balance. Apart from human factors physical factors hat take place also influence the coastline's shape. Waves, Currents, groundwater, movements and weathering have a considerable impact on the shape of the coastline and human activity – this must be to be taken into account when deciding management proposals for the coast. Action taken by the Local Authority The local authority has done a lot of work involving the coastline and now must set up a management scheme to stop many risks. Over various years many protection methods have been used. Concrete sea-walls were built to protect the cliffs; however it has been proven that actually absorb the wave energy instead of reflecting it. They are also an eye-sore. Groynes have also been introduced in the system and they stop the movement of material along beaches as well as widening them. Low-lying areas have been protected by dykes and flood walls, however some people have suggested that coastal flooding should take place as a natural event even if property is at risk. There have also been attempts to protect wildlife areas and bird sanctuaries. Their Objectives The New Forest District Council have many objectives and some are more important than others, including: 1. The coast need to be protected because many properties are lined on the cliff edges and there is a big risk of them collapsing. 2. Areas of value need to be protected as they attract tourists and bring in more money for the locals and the council so they can easily afford to protect the rest of the coastline. 3. The landscape is important as it also brings in more tourists with its natural beauty of which should be protected. 4. Pollution needs to be prevented so any sort of protection doesn't become eroded by acid rain and also to improve the quality of life and the water that goes into the towns. 5. The coasts' economy needs to be recognised so it can be maintained and the social functions of the coast can take place. 6. Cooperation is important between everyone from the local councils to the industry owners. 7. Public awareness needs to be improved to let people know where they stand and what danger they are in. 8. Historical aspects needs to protected because they are an important part of history, this is not very important. 9. Developing criteria for the development of the coast is important for future vents and emergencies. 10. The least important is recreational activities as these can be done in many other places. Alternative Suggestions There are any other ways in which the coastline can be protected. On the coast many things can be used for protection. A recurved sea wall can reflect the waves and push them back out to the sea. Rip-rap are large boulders used on the coast to absorb the wave energy and disperses it. Gabions are used to absorb some of the wave energy and stop erosion as do wooden revetments. To decide what to use we would use cost-benefit analysis which would allow us to make best use of our money.