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Nutritional Value of Menu Items At a Local Fast-Food Restaurant Free Essays

In my interest to examining the adjusting the characteristics of solid decisions of drive-thru eateries were a difficult endeavor. During an ongoing visit to McDonalds, I requested a sound menu and afterward chose an unfortunate menu. My decisions included for the solid decision a rice shrimp burger, side serving of mixed greens, vanilla diminished fat gelato, and Dasani water. We will compose a custom article test on Healthy benefit of Menu Items At a Local Fast-Food Restaurant or on the other hand any comparable point just for you Request Now  In my choice of an undesirable determination I picked a Big Mac, huge fries, Mcfurry with Oreo treats, and an enormous coca-cola drink. The appraisal of my examination gave a fascinating outcome to the quest for a dietary benefit dinner. In my determination of my sound choice, I found that McDonalds gave a simpler way to deal with having the option to choose a progressively wholesome food choice contrasted with other drive-thru eateries (McDonalds, 2008). The solid determination calorie admission was under 500 which on a world stage is an incredible ascribe for McDonalds to create and join a magnificent sound dinner. The sound determination was delicious and satisfying that was astonishing for a drive-thru eatery. Be that as it may, the fixings were not yielded so as to make the sound food choice with low calories which was a decent promoting choice at McDonalds. The unfortunate choice represented a more prominent test because of the more unhealthy yet the taste was marginally all the more satisfying with an enormous blame trailing sensation because of the 1,000 calorie supper. The thing that matters was simply the inclination guilty pleasure to an outrageous that was both fulfilling and to some degree awkward. In any case, those emotions didn't forestall the moving compulsion to quit eating the undesirable menu determination. Later on, the drive-thru eateries could make a promoting point that touches off a solid feeling of ID and acknowledgment relying upon the social condition. For example, on the solid decision a promoting plan that gives an accentuation on an astounding taste of taking a stab at something new, instead of the customary. The symbolism of the promoting advertisement or business should introduce an inventive and charming idea so as to tempt the watcher to enjoy another experience by settling on a progressively healthful decision. In respects, to the advertising plot for the unfortunate choice the promoting point can center displaying a background of self-indulgency that accompanies the sensation eating the thing. In doing as such, the watcher can relate the two and settle on a compact decision to choose the undesirable thing over the sound one. The key is the compelling interpretation of advertising the extraordinary in either determination that identifies with the choice †that supports taking an interest in getting a charge out of the menu thing. References McDonalds Inc. (2008) Official International Website. Recovered from The most effective method to refer to Nutritional Value of Menu Items At a Local Fast-Food Restaurant, Essays

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Richard Iii Essays (295 words) - Shakespearean Histories

Richard Iii Richard was a trouble maker. This was one of his talks: Was ever lady in this funniness charmed? Was ever lady in this amusingness won? I'll have her, however I won't keep her long. What, I that slaughtered her better half and his dad, To take her in her heart's extremest despise, With curses in her mouth, tears in her eyes, The draining observer of my scorn by, Having God, her still, small voice, and these bars against me, What's more, I no companions to back my suit by any stretch of the imagination In any case, the plain demon and disguising looks? But then to win her, all the world to nothing! Ha! Hath she overlooked as of now that valiant ruler, Edward, her master, whom I approximately three months since Cut in my irate state of mind at Tewkesbury? A better and a lovelier man of his word, Surrounded in the extravagance of nature, Youthful, valiant, insightful, and, almost certainly, right illustrious, The extensive world can't again manage. Furthermore, will she yet humble her eyes on me, That edited the brilliant prime of this sweet sovereign Furthermore, made her widow to a woeful bed? On me, whose all not approaches Edward's moiety? On me, that stops and am distorted in this way? My dukedom to a poverty stricken denier, I do botch my individual this while! Upon my life, she finds, in spite of the fact that I can't, Myself to be a marv'lous appropriate man. I'll be at charges for a mirror What's more, engage a score or two of tailors To contemplate styles to decorate my body. Since I am sneaked in favor with myself, I will keep up it with some little expense. Be that as it may, first I'll turn far off individual in quite a while grave And afterward return bemoaning to my affection. Sparkle out, reasonable sun, till I have purchased a glass, That I may consider my to be as I pass. Catalog None Shakespeare

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Steve Jobs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Steve Jobs - Essay Example He was named as Steven Paul Jobs. In the year 1960, the Jobs family moved to Santa Clara which is famously known as Silicon Valley. By the age of thirteen, he figured out how to find a late spring line of work at HP. He was amazingly acceptable at PCs and his teachers in schools needed to skip him a few classes ahead, which his folks declined. His enthusiasm for PCs created at an early age and he was roused by the mechanical engineer work performed by his dad. b) Professional vocation sketch of Steve Jobs dropped out of school in the absolute first semester and went to India in mission of otherworldliness. At the youthful age of 21, Steve helped to establish Apple Computers with Steve Wozniac and Ron Wayne. Occupations was answerable for showcasing Apple Computers and Wozniac headed the specialized branch of Apple and they began offering moderate PC answers for Americans. The Apple Computers were littler in size and could be bought by the white collar class American individuals. The association further created Apple II which turned out to be progressively well known and this brought about expanded deals by around 70%. Continuously, 1980, Apple Computers turned into a traded on an open market firm and enlisted a market estimation of USD 1.2 billion on the underlying day of exchanging (BusinessNewsDaily, 2013). Singular 2 Moving out of Apple The following not many years saw a ruin in Apple because of genuine blemishes in plans and frustration by customers. Alongside this, Apple confronted hardened rivalry from IBM which had enrolled expanded development in deals as contrasted and Apple. The Macintosh was discharged by Apple in the year 1984 and it was successfully advertised as a machine which was energetic, sentimental and inventive. In spite of enlisting great development in deals with Macintosh, Apple was as yet not ready to viably contend with IBM. This was on the grounds that the PCs planned by IBM were unmistakably increasingly prevalent as contrasted and M acintosh. Following this, the then President of Apple, Scully accepted that Steve Jobs couldn't direct the association to a way of development and consequently Jobs needed to leave Apple in the year 1985. He initiated another equipment and programming firm known as NeXT, Inc. The following year, a movement firm was bought by Jobs which later came to be known as Pixar Animation Studios. The liveliness film studio delivered effective and well known enlivened motion pictures like The Incredibles, Finding Nemo and Toy Story. In the year 2006, Pixar converged with Walt Disney Studios and Steve Jobs got probably the biggest investor of Walt Disney. Back to Apple Pixar Animation Studio came about as an incredibly effective undertaking. Be that as it may, NeXT Inc., neglected to make progress and was in the end gained by Apple in the year 1997. In the year 1997, Steve Jobs again turned into the CEO of Apple. The achievement of Apple during the 1990s is credited to the business intuition of Steve Jobs. He framed another supervisory group, forced himself to a compensation of $1 per annum and changed the investment opportunities, along these lines driving the association into a way of progress (The Wall Street Journal, 2011). The buyers got awed by creative structure arrangements like iMac, iPad, iPod and such, snazzy plans and superb marking and advertising efforts and offer of Apple items took off ahead. c)

The secret of great teachers Free Essays

Quite a while in the past, celebrated instructors didn't go to month to month classes before they can educate. They didn't get ready exercise designs each night or get ready visual guides and powerpoint introductions and modern varying media materials to go with their discussion. However they were viewed as extraordinary and compelling instructors within recent memory. We will compose a custom exposition test on The mystery of extraordinary instructors or then again any comparable theme just for you Request Now Why, you need to inquire. Is it accurate to say that they were essentially fortunate to be acceptable at open talking? I’m discussing how Confucius instruct, only one of the numerous educators who made their names in our history for their lessons as well as for the manner in which they reach to their crowds. These instructors utilized instructional technique with the goal that their supporters can all the more likely comprehend and in this way follow their lessons. Confucius, specifically, utilized introduction (or talk) and exhibition when he educates. Indeed, even today, these methods of guidelines are as yet utilized. Confucius accepts that for his supporters and adherents to comprehend and embrace his lessons, he should live them and be a model. Showing is instructing by model, and this was what Confucius did. He likewise gave addresses, as this was the regularly utilized instructional strategy even previously. Talks work well for in sharing data to the crowd, transferring history, speculations and foundations and encounters. A talk arrives at countless individuals one after another. Despite the fact that talks are normally a single direction method of correspondence, Confucius permits his devotees to ask him inquiries. Through this answer-and-question partition, which Jesus likewise utilized when educating, the supporters can acquire understanding and criticism from the educator. In addition, Confucius accepts that through conversation he can reach to each individual he educates. Beside this, he realizes that every individual calls for various instructional way to deal with learn. Because of this, he utilized the instructive methodology in driving his adherents towards easy street. Confucius, Jesus and Socrates, just to give some examples, saw the significance of these techniques for some reasons. Socrates had confidence in including his understudies in an exchange to contend a point. Jesus connected with his adherents being referred to and-answer meetings to give and offer data. They utilized exhibit and introduction since they are viable, prove by the numerous individuals who acknowledged their convictions. These individuals further got a handle on their lessons by building up temples and religions and keeping convictions to respect their educators. Simply the quantity of their adherents is sufficient proof to show that they have augmented the capability of the instructional technique they utilized. With respect to me, I think exhibition and introduction are viable, regardless of whether in a homeroom or household setting. Guardians address their youngsters about numerous things with the goal that they learn, and they live as guides to their kids by living what they lecture. Indeed, even at school, these techniques demonstrate helpful in light of the fact that understudies take in by what they see from their educators. An overview of the best strategies for guidance to address scholarly contrasts was led among instructors. The larger part feels that little gathering/agreeable learning is the best strategy. Displaying (exhibit) is positioned second, and question and answer, bunch conversation, singular guidance and talk are positioned third. The educators refered to reasons why they think the techniques are powerful. To start with, students get the opportunity to help and gain from one another all through. This strategy alludes to bunch conversations, investigations or undertakings. At that point, instructors offer help and give learning in various and numerous manners. They have the chance to share significant thoughts, give criticism and remediation, and help understudies to be on target by strengthening structure and association. REFERENCE Treat, Alena R., Ying Wang, Rajat Chadha and Michael Hart Dixon. (2006). Significant Development in Instructional Technology: Prior to the twentieth Century. Step by step instructions to refer to The mystery of extraordinary educators, Essay models

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Investment In Information System Samples †

Question: Talk about the Investment In Information System. Answer: Presentation As of late, the conditions for business are changing rapidly because of progression in data and innovation framework. This report is telling the method of picking ERP/AIS to detail the choice of interest in data framework. To comprehend it all the more plainly the report centers around different focuses like procedure and necessity of business, prerequisite of framework, and picking the right retailer. The organization, which is taken for this task, is Arnotts scones. The organization bargains in bread rolls and snacks food and it was established in 1865. The organization is one of the main maker of bread rolls and second biggest supplier of nibble food. Business forms Business process for the associations is set of connected undertaking, which are interrelated to one another and accomplish the target of the association by conveying the item or administration to the purchaser. The methodical procedure of business will improve the productivity and execution of business and precise procedure implies less likelihood of blunder. ERP enables the association in sorting out an orderly business to process. There are five creation lines at the Huntingwood plant that fabricates the Arnotts scones: Line 1 for the creation of Jatz and Sao wafers scones. Line 2 comes being used for different wafers scones and for the creation of fresh breads. Line 3 creates plain and semi desserts scones like Scotch Finger and Milk Arrowroot. Line 4 comes being used to shape the assortments of rolls. Line 5 creates just chocolate rolls like Tim Tams and Mint Slice (Oxford, 2014). With the assistance of ERP (undertaking asset arranging), Company can appraise that in what amount crude material will be required for the creation of scones on regular routine. Endeavor asset arranging accounts for itself, that it will help the organization in arranging their assets. It is programming, which help the organization in improving their exhibition by lessening the wastage materials. It gives practically right estimation of required crude material. Moreover ERP, additionally help the organization by giving right arranging of accessible assets and notices the creation of units in the accessible assets (Leon, 2014). It is a financially savvy technique, which lessens the additional costs on creation of the organization. Prerequisites of business Business prerequisites are identified with the specific needs of the administration, which help the organization in accomplishing their targets and objectives in an efficacious manner. In this manner, the necessity of the business must be obviously determine to the administration by that administration will satisfy all the prerequisites for the different divisions since absence of any necessary interest can influence the creation of the business. The prerequisite isn't constrained to interior variables like account or accessibility of crude material, necessity can be identified with outside sources additionally as advancement exercises, transportation and so forth all the requests which help in improving the effectiveness of laborers and improve the exhibition of business that can be a necessity for the business (McFarlane, 2012). There can be a few necessities for Arnotts roll to improve their presentation that are as per the following: In spite of the fact that organization is fruitful in Australia and even in New Zealand, USA, Japan. Be that as it may, it's about time that where organization needs to grow in huge markets like China. The organization consistently continues dealing with their roll taste and on new flavor on the grounds that their business is thoroughly relies upon the taste and nature of their thing. Because of high rivalry in the market, organization needs to grow their manufacturing plant zone by that creation of the units will be expanded; this will bring about consistent gracefully of the item in the market. Organization needs to chip away at their publicizing techniques in light of the fact that in quick moving world, it is difficult for everybody to recall the promotion and afterward buy the thing. In this manner, organization should be progressively imaginative and viable with their commercial by that individuals will effectively review the brand (Simatos, et. al., 2012). Necessities of System Necessity of framework are not quite the same as the prerequisite of business. The prerequisites of framework are clarified in a methods for disclosing propelled plan to pass on business necessity. ERP and AIS are the programming projects, which causes the organization to deal with every one of their assets whether it is inside or outside. AIS (Accounting data programming) helps the organization in keeping up the record of each monetary related exercises like assets of fund, pay rates, subtleties of advantages, money close by, and so forth. Though, crafted by ERP is to arrange for that how organization can utilize each and every assets, by that wastage can be limited and creation can be augmented. Each business requires a right framework, which enables the organization in smooth running of tasks (To slack, 2015). The necessity of framework can be anything; by that, association won't face any trouble in accomplishing their objectives and targets. There are different framework prerequisites, which are as per the following beneath: Server equipment: for effectively establishment of the ERP programming organization needs to update their framework as per the interest of the product in light of the fact that these product doesn't deal with obsolete framework. Arnotts scone was made in 1865, and the organization knows the effect of up degree since they have overhaul with new flavor and taste in their bread that is the reason they are as yet running in the market. In like manner, organization needs new framework with redesigned highlights, which help the framework to run viably. High bookkeeping highlights: When organization is enormous in size, at that point it is compulsory for that organization to have elevated level bookkeeping virtual products in their product, which can take care of any issue and records, and guards the information. Arnotts bread is extremely enormous organization, which supplies their item in different nations like New Zealand, USA, and Japan (Galliers, et. al., 2014). Along these lines, organization must have the propelled bookkeeping programming projects, which stacked with all the highlights and makes the work simple for the bookkeeping office in light of the fact that there will be high sum exchange and there is zero chance of any mix-up in recording that. Hence, these programming projects help the organization. Programming and seller determination It is significant for the association to have right programming in their frameworks since all the data identified with the organization is put away in the frameworks. Presently, crafted by each association is relying upon the frameworks. Viable and propelled frameworks have made the work simple of the associations. There are different programming, which made the work simple for the organizations, yet most prominently programming, which each organization has, are ERP (Enterprise asset arranging) and AIS (Accounting data framework). ERP helps the association by giving the right arranging and use of assets, though AIS programming is the bookkeeping virtual products, which helps in figuring all the money related use. Like utilization of money, wellsprings of account, putting away the costs of organization and computing the pay of the workers should be possible with the assistance of AIS. In spite of the fact that there are, different bookkeeping virtual products are there in the market h owever most mainstream programming among the associations is MYOB (Romney, et. al., 2012). Alongside the right programming organization must choose the right merchants which deal their item in the market. Arnotts is old organization and as yet running in the market because of they have right sellers in their grasp. Nonetheless, to grow their business organization needs to expand their sellers by that deals and benefit of the association will increment. Nonetheless, there are numerous merchants in the market however finding the right and feasible seller is vital for the organization on the grounds that at last merchant is selling the result of the organization and on the off chance that seller is include in some lawful issue, at that point it will hamper the offer of the item from the side of that seller. In this manner, it is particularly fundamental to pick right programming and right seller (Romney, et. al., 2012). Ways by which organizations can create business viability There are a few different ways, which encourages the organization to improve their business proficiency. These techniques are as per the following: Correspondence: Communication assumes a significant job in accomplishing their objectives and targets. Appropriate correspondence is especially fundamental at the work environment and for the Arnotts scone, it is obligatory to convey every thing among the representatives since organization causes roll and absence of correspondence to can hamper the creation or taste. In todays serious market correspondence isn't just required at the working environment yet in addition organization ought to speak with their clients and must take input about the items and attempt to realize what new their client needs in the item like structure, taste and so on (Becker, et. al., 2013). Inspiration courses: Company must direct inspiration workshops for the representatives by which representatives get persuaded and increment their working proficiency. Alongside this organization can direct pretend meetings by which representatives get chance to show their capacity. Intermittent audit: It is compulsory for the association to survey the presentation of the representatives at standard interims. This will assist the organization with reviewing the exhibition of each worker. This survey meeting is especially useful for both organization and representative in such a case that there is any worker who isn't getting together the objective or confronting any issue at work environment this meeting will give chance to talk their boss and beat the issue. Simple procedures: It is basic for the associations to concentrate on the simple procedures of working at the work environment, by that worker can work effectively and doesn't feel any weight. The arranging and procedure must be effectively justifiable to all the representatives by that they can work with more productivity and aides in expanding the organization p

Free Essays on A Place I Can Truley Call Home

At the point when I moved to Flagstaff in August of 2003, I was eager to be lowered into a healthy school town. I couldn’t hang tight for the all the gatherings; the opportunity that inundates you when there are no guardians to look out for your shoulder, and the school plans that permits you to stay in bed past ten. I surmise you could state that I was eager to head off to college instead of move to Flagstaff, Arizona. Originating from out of state made this change somewhat harder than I would have ever anticipated. I adored my home in Northern California, so changing in accordance with another home I felt would have been totally different. Having the option to go to an alternate state, making an entirely different arrangement of companions stuck in my brain and I felt that the time had come to get and proceed onward from my old neighborhood Dublin, California. There are numerous recollections that I will desert yet an entirely different world to endue here in Flagstaff, Arizona. So when I was approached to compose an account paper on the â€Å"heart† of Flagstaff and what it intends to me, I was to some degree threatened by this town that I called home. Like some other understudy, I immediately passed this task over and concentrated on different parts of my life like what outfit I was going to wear Friday night and in the event that I was going to make it home so as to watch Friends. With my schoolwork assignments in the rear of my psyche, I acknowledged a welcome to go sledding with certain companions on the mountain. This grand pinnacle could without much of a stretch be seen from anyplace in Flagstaff yet had never been seen by my pre-adult eyes. With snowboots, gloves and sleds close by, we advanced up the mountain. At the point when we arrived at our goal we were entertained to find that we were the main individuals beyond six years old. In any case, we didn't let this restraint limit us from having a ton of fun. Individually we propelled our bodies down the white runway, as though we were planes taking off into the blue sky. To me, this whimsical demonstration brought back upbeat recollections of winters when I was a child pl... Free Essays on A Place I Can Truley Call Home Free Essays on A Place I Can Truley Call Home At the point when I moved to Flagstaff in August of 2003, I was eager to be lowered into a healthy school town. I couldn’t sit tight for the all the gatherings; the opportunity that overwhelms you when there are no guardians to look out for your shoulder, and the school plans that permits you to stay in bed past ten. I surmise you could state that I was eager to head off to college as opposed to move to Flagstaff, Arizona. Originating from out of state made this alteration somewhat harder than I would have ever anticipated. I cherished my home in Northern California, so acclimating to another home I felt would have been altogether different. Having the option to go to an alternate state, making an entirely different arrangement of companions stuck in my brain and I felt that the time had come to get and proceed onward from my old neighborhood Dublin, California. There are numerous recollections that I will desert however an entirely different world to endue here in Flagstaff, Arizona. So when I was approached to compose an account article on the â€Å"heart† of Flagstaff and what it intends to me, I was to some degree threatened by this town that I called home. Like some other understudy, I immediately passed this task over and concentrated on different parts of my life like what outfit I was going to wear Friday night and on the off chance that I was going to make it home so as to watch Friends. With my schoolwork assignments in the rear of my psyche, I acknowledged a welcome to go sledding with certain companions on the mountain. This glorious pinnacle could without much of a stretch be seen from anyplace in Flagstaff however had never been seen by my pre-adult eyes. With snowboots, gloves and sleds close by, we advanced up the mountain. At the point when we arrived at our goal we were delighted to find that we were the main individuals beyond six years old. Be that as it may, we didn't let this reserve confine us from having some good times. Individually we propelled our bodies down the white runway, as though we were planes taking off into the blue sky. To me, this puerile demonstration brought back glad recollections of winters when I was a child pl...

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Julius Caesar and Brutus - Free Essay Example

Most of the western world today has some form of idealism incorporated into it today. In America, it is in the form of the pursuit of happiness and the American dream. In many ways, idealism can be great for our world as well, but idealism has its inherent flaws that are tied to the very principles it is based upon. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare uses rhetoric, dramatic irony, and the characters of Cassius and Brutus to reveal with vivid strokes how idealism undermines our capacity to comprehend different outcomes and forces us down a path of societal distress. Idealism limits our capability to think and therefore lowers our potential as human beings. Shakespeare effectively shows this through conversations between Cassius and Brutus. Brutus is the embodiment of idealism because of his patriotism for Rome and his belief in Rome and its people. Cassius, on the other hand, is cunning and is able to use this patriotism in that is in Brutus to further his own agenda and specific goals. â€Å"Men at some time are masters of their fates. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves† (21). This illustrates how simple it was to convince Brutus to kill Caesar. All Cassius needed to do was touch upon Brutus’ ego every so slightly in order to promote thought that showed him a picture of a world where he, Brutus, was the ruler and how amazing that world could be for Rome. Cassius also cunningly puts forth the idea that we have control over our own fate, and if we want something we need to accomplish it ourselves. The faul t is not in our stars, suggests that no one is born to rule, we need to earn that right which Caesar has not. Brutus now could not look past this ideal world that he had created in his head and kept comparing it to the one with Caesar. He was debating whether or not to kill Caesar but not once did he reevaluate his position with Cassius that Caesar was ambitious. His ideal world limited the scope of his thinking an ultimately lead him to the killing of Caesar. â€Å"Like wrath in death and envy afterwards†¦ Let us be sacrificers but not butchers, Caius.† (61) Brutus’ limited thought process is explicitly shown here as well, he is not able to see beyond the point that it would be wrong to kill Marc Antony simply because he was a close friend of Caesar. He saw that in his ideal world Marc Antony would not have to be killed, instead, Antony could play an instrumental part in convincing the Roman people that the killing of Caesar was necessary. But in reality, Brutus had been warned multiple times by Cassius that Marc Antony should be killed or at least not allowed to speak. Cassius tried to explain to Brutus that Marc Antony if allowed to speak to the Roman public, could wreak havoc to an already volatile situation but because of his strong ideals and beliefs, Brutus was left unmoved. This vividly illustrates that idealism can seriously hinder our abilities to think forward and significantly decreases our potential as human beings. Idealism is easily manipulated to further one’s own agenda and self-centered views. With the objective of convincing a man to turn his back on his friend, Cassius focuses on two specific strategies. First to prompt Brutus’ sense of civic responsibility and to weaken Brutus’ devotion to Caesar. First, Cassius uses devices such as contradiction and dramatic comparisons. He points out Caesars shortcomings and contrasts him to fellow men, showing no difference between Caesar and ordinary men in comparison. This implies that Caesar is just as likely to become corrupted with power, despite him being treated as a god. One example of this is Cassius’ constant comparing Caesar with Brutus. â€Å" â€Å"Brutus† and â€Å"Caesar†Ã¢â‚¬â€what should be in that/ â€Å"Caesar†? Why should that name be sounded more than/ yours?†(23, Shakespeare). He forces Brutus to question whether such ordinary and weak men deserve to hold such power, well c ontinually flattering Brutus. Once Brutus starts to believe that Caesar doesn’t actually have the kind of power that is implied, he starts thinking that Caesar is actually not fit to lead. In reality, Cassius is jealous of Caesar’s power and even the close relationship that Brutus and Caesar have. Cassius always wanted to be part of Caesar’s inner circle and be part of the decision-making process as well, this never actually happened though and Cassius sought revenge in the form of breaking the relationship between Brutus and Caesar as well as seizing all of Caesar’s power. Cassius used Brutus to pursue his personal vendetta and Brutus has fallen into his trap. Cassius is aware that knowing the audience is essential to successfully persuading. When Brutus uses the word honor twice in eight lines, emphasizing the weight he places on honor. Cassius quickly takes advantage of this. â€Å"I know that virtue to be in you, Brutus,/ As well as I do know your outward favor./ Well, honor is the subject of my story.†(19) He also emphasizes other words that Brutus resonates with, such as â€Å"free† and â€Å"Rome† as Brutus is a patriot and is willing to do anything for his country. In this way, Cassius is able to manipulate Brutus via his beliefs and is able to further his own agenda. When government officials have separate agendas, horrible consequences may ensue. Although idealism can be a great force for change, it leads to too much change too quickly, which can effectively destroy a whole civilization. As we can see, after the murder of Julius Caesar the Roman civilization has been split up into two sides and has been pushed into a bloody war. To the idealist, reality can never be good enough, and this is the underlying problem we see with people today and especially with Brutus. â€Å"A man of such a feeble temper should / So get the start of the majestic world / And bear the palm alone.†(21) As Cassius explains that Caesar is weak and anyone can replace him, Brutus does not realize all the good Caesar has already done, he is not able to see past Cassius’ and figure out the real motivations Cassius has. Idealists are never content with what they have and will always look into a narrow scope of the future. This is precisely what happened with Brutus, he didn’t stop and think that during Caesar’s reign Rome had fi nally become powerful, prosperous and most of all stable. He only wanted to see Rome for what it could be and not what it is. With hindsight, we know that the conspirators pushed for too many results too quickly, without the proper planning. The outcome expected by the idealist Brutus was far from the real outcome and goes to show how detrimental idealism can be. Shakespeare is able to highlight the fact that if Brutus had listened to Cassius and his thorough analysis of what would happen if Marc Antony was allowed to speak to the Roman public, the conspirators would have prevailed. This was the turning point in the drama and emphasized the importance of cynicism in a person. At the end of Act 5, almost everyone is dead as a consequence of idealism and indecision between Brutus and Cassius. In theory, idealism is a great force for change in our modern world, where people are distressed by the status quo and need something to change. But the degree of idealism in our society is actually quite distressing. People need to be prepared for the future, a safe degree of idealism is essential but after that, it starts to hinder our ability to prepare ourselves for the future. There needs to be a delicate balance between idealism and cynicism in our lives in order to live an untroubled and comfortable life.